A fresh sound in the air with roots reggae duo out of West Africa! Conscious Music that spreads a message of equality, love, and justice! Saah Karim and Shanti Starr met each other on GoreĆ© Island Senegal in the spring of 2013. They immediately started to write music together. In 2014 they started to tour in West Africa with "Health is Wealth Tour" planting organic  non GMO seeds & performing their original music in towns & villages. They also started to record in Gambia and Senegal mixing in traditional African instruments into reggae music!!  2015 & 2016 they toured in Asia and continued to create & record new music! In 2017 they released their full length album Do Good & Good Will Come!  Now in 2018 they have just released a new music video "Thank you My Lord" and April 2018 the official music video for "I Found A True Friend will be released!